Q) Will the AvtoKomander flash the vehicle over OBD?
A) No, the AvtoKomander needs to connect to the ECU directly in what is usually called bench flashing. The AvtoKomander comes with a ECU connector so there is no pins to connect and can easily be done under hood in a few minutes without having to remove the ECU.

Q) How many vehicles can I flash with the AvtoKomander?
A) The AvtoKomander locks to the serial number of the ECU and will not allow multiple vehicles. It can be purchased with as many credits as needed.

Q) What kind of laptop do I need?
A) Windows 10 or newer

Q) What kind of file does the AvtoKomander use?
A) The AvtoKomander can flash a raw binary or an encrypted file created with our software.

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