Product delivery policy

After the order is made, it enters the processing process.
In case there is a problem with the availability of the product or during the control it is damaged, you will receive a notification to your e-mail address or you will be contacted by our operator within 48 hours.

Delivery deadline

Once you have received a confirmation of a created order, the order enters processing status. Once processed and confirmed it will be sent for delivery.
Delivery time is 5 (five) working days. Order day, Sundays, state and religious holidays are not taken into account.
For every order placed on Saturday after 13:00 or for non-working days, the order will be processed on the first working day.

Pick up shipments

The courier service (external company that performs the delivery) delivers the shipments to the address stated for delivery with the following working hours, as follows: every working day from 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. Before delivery of the shipment, you will be contacted by the courier service via SMS or phone call. In case the courier service can not contact you, after 2-3 unsuccessful attempts, the order will be canceled.
Upon delivery of the product, if the payment is made by redemption, a fiscal invoice will be delivered to you. If you make the payment electronically, with the delivery of the order, you will be accompanied by an invoice.

Shipping Price

The price for delivery of an order is 50 dollars.


By confirming the order by clicking the CONFIRM button, you agree to the terms of delivery.

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